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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Eczema Out Of Control? Weleda White Mallow + 20% OFF code

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Weleda. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation. All opinions and reviews are my own.

Isn't it amazing when a product actually does what it's supposed to do?

I love being pleasantly surprised, with positive results after using skincare products since so many of them fail in my book.

 It's sad to admit, but I've got some pretty extensive experience with "skin issues" since my oldest began experiencing skin sensitivities and eczema from about 6 months old to date (she's four).

We've tried lots of products, and there is only a small handful of ones that we'll trust on our baby's sensitive skin.

After receiving a few samples of Weleda's new White Mallow products, we were happy with the results. 

A company that uses all natural ingredients, and has been harnessing the power of plant-based medications since 1921 is one that I'm happy to get behind. 

What is Weleda’s Baby Derma White Mallow Collection?

This collection of products, including a Face Cream, Body Cream and Diaper Rash Cream use the natural soothing power of organic White Mallow, coconut oil, borage seed oil and other plant based products to treat eczema symptoms.
  • Fragrance - free
  • 100% certified natural
  • Seal of Acceptance by the National Eczema Association

In addition to the eczema she gets on the back of her knees, thighs and elbows, my daughter often gets a rash around her mouth.  

These episodes are frustrating and extremely difficult to heal. It seems like it never goes away, the red little bumps and irritation makes it painful for her to eat certain foods that sting the exposed skin.

We started with the White Mallow Face Cream, and found it to be helpful in moisturizing the area - however we found that if we put a light layer of the White Mallow Diaper Cream (with pharmaceutical-grade zinc oxide) on the trouble area at night, her skin looked significantly better by morning! 

All three of the White Mallow products by Weleda were received very well by my daughter. Typically, any new lotion or skincare product will give her a rash, but none of these did!

Where can I buy Weleda?

You can find Weleda's White Mallow collection at Whole Foods, buybuyBaby, and

  •  Use PROMO CODE: WELEDABABY for 20% OFF your order at (code expires June 30,2015) 

Thanks, #WeledaBaby

We now have some new reinforcements to add to our arsenal of eczema fighters! 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Have Peace Of Mind? LifebankUSA Cord Blood Banking #Giveaway

This post/giveaway was sponsored by LifeBankUSA, however all opinions are 100% my own and may not reflect that of the company.

They say that hindsight is 20/20 - right?  

The idea that if we knew what the future held, we'd be prepared to make all the best choices in the here and now. 

What if you knew today that your child, or a close family member would someday become ill, and their best chance of survival was from cord blood stem cells.

It would be a "no brainer", right? You'd say, no matter the cost "let's bank that cord blood" to potentially save a life of your loved one (or self). 

New research shows that banking placenta blood, along with cord blood leads to more successful preservation of stem cells during a transplant. 

LifebankUSA, is the only company right now that offers placenta blood banking along with cord blood storage for expectant parents. 

So, if you're an expecting parent and thinking about cord blood banking, check out LifebankUSA - and be sure to enter the giveaway below for your chance to win 1 of 3 Graco 4ever™ 4-in-1 Car Seats!

(valued at $330 each)

  • Giveaway ends May 29, 2015
  • THREE winners will receive a Graco 4ever™ 4-in-1 Car Seats
  • Must be a US Resident, 18+ to enter

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Mudderella NorCal 2015 - Ready To Own Your Strong?

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Mudderella. I received complimentary admission to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

I know most of my posts start something like this -

.....being a mother of three babies under the age of four...


....since I've basically been either pregnant or nursing for the past 4 years straight...

I know it gets old, but but really it applies to most things I talk about here, and this post is no different. 

Since I have been focused solely on the raising of three tiny tots born very close together (my oldest is barely 4 and youngest barely 1) I've had to let a lot go of a lot of my own personal goals

Some days I barely get a shower, okay I lie...most days I DON'T even get a shower. So, the idea of an hour or two long run or workout is basically a joke.

I haven't owned a gym membership in about 10 years, and my last sports bra is probably three sizes too small.

It's time to Own My Strong®


I've been making excuses for myself for too long, my youngest is one year old now and it's time I start setting some fitness goals for my health. 

I'm not going to set myself up for failure, buy deciding on some magical number of pounds I'm going to lose in the next 6 months or a year.


Instead, I'm going to set for myself TWO achievable goals:


  • GOAL #1. Get Stronger


Now, I have never run a marathon, half marathon, color run, fun run, okay you get the idea. 


This will be my first race of any kind, fun or otherwise! 


The reason why I chose the NorCal #Mudderella2015 race is:


A. It just happened to come to my attention when I really wanted a KICK IN THE BUTT to start getting more fit. 

B. It's a team event - so I can run/train with my girlfriends. 

C. It's only 45 minutes away from my house. 

D. There is a Mudderella training guide available online, that doesn't require a gym membership. 

E. It's a cheap alternative to a mud wrap at the spa - heh, heh. 

Today was the start of my training - I just looked up Mudderella Week 1 Training, and found that Tuesday was "Mudderella Workout 1" - which was a series of Plank Holds, T-Raises and other exercises I did while the kiddos were eating breakfast and watching a show. 


Tomorrow, the training guide shows "Push and Pull" a combo of exercises with hand weights - which is also do-able from home. Yahoo! 


The NorCal Mudderella course, in June will be a 5 mile obstacle course that I will run with three of my buddies - with the goal of simply FINISHING and having FUN


Did I mention there will be lots of mud?

Photo courtesy of:


So, if you're looking for a good way to start your own journey to getting stronger, healthier.....or dirtier - check out the list of Mudderella events, designed for women, by women coming to your area below: 

-        NY/NJ – May 9, 2015 – Englishtown, NJ

-        Chicago – May 30, 2015 – Richmond, IL

-        NorCal – June 27, 2015 – Vallejo, CA

-        Toronto – July 11, 2015 – Kitchener, ON Canada

-        Capital Region – July 25, 2015 – Clarksburg, MD

-        Colorado – August 22, 2015 – Snowmass Village, CO

-        Pittsburgh – September 12, 2015 – Slippery Rock, PA

-        Whistler – September 26, 2015 – Blackcomb Mountain, Whistler, BC Canada

-        New England – October 3, 2015 – Thompson, CT


If you don't see a town near you, sure to keep your eye on the Mudderella website, or follow Mudderella on Facebook, as they could be adding more throughout the year! 


One of Mudderella's mottos is, "You're Stronger Than You Think" and I think that's true for just about every women I've known in my life. 


Now, it's time to prove it, to the most important champion in your life...yourself.   

Are YOU ready to Own Your Strong®?


Saturday, March 7, 2015

Fun Tangerine Themed Playdate #CutieCurl

I was provided with free samples of Cuties to facilitate this post as well as promotional gear for the kids.  As always, my opinions are 100% my own and may not reflect that of the company.

Toddlers and Preschoolers love themed play dates. Okay, maybe it's really just me who gets giddy at the idea of a theme. 

Either way, I jumped at the chance to host a Cutie's "Do The Cutie Curl" playdate last week with my daughters and our playgroup.

Supplies Needed:
  • (2) 3lb bags of Cutie Clementines (found at my local Raley's Bel Air Market)
  • Awesome prize packages (provided by Cuties) 
  • Two buckets of sidewalk chalk (only $1 for a 4-pack at Michael's)
  • Refreshments - provided by Veri Organic Soda
  • A neighborhood park
  • A bunch of crazy preschoolers with limitless energy


The most successful playdates, in my opinion include lots of unstructured playtime, sprinkled with just a few short focused activities and of course snacks.

We let the kids loose at the park and had them get lots of playtime in before hearding them together to try their hand at the Cutie Curl!

I guess I never realized just how easy Cutie tangerines are to peel, I'm swearing off regular oranges for good - I mean, if a 2 year old can do it....

McKinney Mommas #cutiecurl party

We were pretty surprised, as beginners luck seemed to be the theme with the Cutie Curl - ie. peeling a Cutie Tangerine in one continuous peel, without it breaking.

Most of the moms, and lots of the kids could peel the tangerine in one continous peel on the first attempt, but since they were so juicy and tasty, we wanted more than one.  

The second and third peeling attempts didn't go so well for most. I mean, they were awesomely easy to peel, but most of us didn't get it off in one continuous peel after the first attempt - how funny!

Now, since the Cutie Curlers were mostly preschool aged, we didn't award prizes for the best curl, but everyone attending our playdate got a cool prize backpack full of fun Cuties gear.

I think this swag was some of the best I've seen from a company for promotional items, so kudos to you, Cuties California Mandarins - you're tops!

We ended the playgroup with some fun decorating of the remaining Cuties - I brought some glue, googly eyes, sparkles and such and the kids had fun making their own silly citrus.

I'm pretty sure the kids all had fun, and I was excited to try my hand at the infamous "Cutie Curl" - plus, as an added bonus, we could upload our photos of each "Cutie Curl" for a chance to win big!

The final 10 contestants have been chosen, and now it's time to vote for YOUR favorite "Cutie Curl" until March 15th - the winner gets a cool vacation prize package! 

Get your vote in for the most creative "Cutie Curl: at:

Now tell me, can YOU do the #CutieCurl?

Friday, February 20, 2015

Do You Use Too Much #Laundry Detergent? Purex® PowerShot

Anything that makes laundry easier, right?

I know that it sounds silly, but figuring out how much laundry soap to add to my load of laundry is a daily guessing game for me.

What if there was a way to pour just the right amount of soap, without having to wonder if you are going overboard with the suds.

Keep reading to find out how to WIN a FREE bottle for yourself! 

Now, there is.

Welcome to my life, NEW Purex® PowerShot, the easy measure liquid detergent!  

Just open the no-spill detergent bottle cap, flip the bottle over and it pours the perfect dose of detergent for a normal load of laundry.

Can't get easier than 1-2-3, right?!

Just for laughs, here's me and "The Bookend" giving you a super detailed tutorial about how to use this laundry detergent - yeah, right.

Now, if you'd like to give the Purex® PowerShot a whirl in your laundry room, just enter the easy giveaway below, and I'll be sending a few lucky winners a coupon for a FREE bottle of detergent

  • Open to US residents 18+ only
  • Deadline to enter: March 13, 2015
  • Complete easy Rafflecopter entry form below to enter 
  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

TOMS Spring Sale today at Zulily! Up to 40% off!

** This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links

Spring is in the air!

Starting today (Feb 17), you can get TOMS up to 40% off, including shoes for kids, women and men at Zulily!

Just click the link below below to find the perfect pair for your (or your bambino's) little tootsies!

Shop the TOMS sale here >> Up to 40% off TOMS - Sale starts 2/17

Also, did you know that TOMS gives back to children in need every time you make a purchase?

Every purchase you make, improves the health, education and well-being of children in over 60 countries with the amazing TOMS One for One.® program!

Monday, February 9, 2015

February 13th is Valentine's Day For Dogs!

If you have (or have ever had) a special pup in your life, you know that they are much more than just a pet - they are a part of the family.

Now, that I live in the #1 state that "loves dogs the most" according to The Doggy Love Index - I thought I'd share this fun infographic and a little giveaway in time for Doggy Valentine's Day!

How do YOU plan to celebrate Valentine's Day For Dogs this year?

The fun folks at Milk-Bone, Pup-Peroni, Milo's Kitchen, and Canine Carry Outs have made it easy for you this year with a doggie #valentinesfordogs Valentine's Day card. 

Get yours today at []

Enter to Win
(ends February 16, 2015)

Prize: Winner will receive a special package of doggie treats for their pooch! 

To enter
  • Comment below with your idea of a perfect Valentine's Day with your pooch or something you found interesting in the infographic above!
  • Be sure to leave an email address if not visible in your google profile.